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Word of the day: SNOW!

Did you know that today, almost every state in the U.S. has snow except for good ol’ Florida? Even Hawaii, which was at first thought to be the only holdout, got it’s share of fresh snow atop Mauna Kea mountain.

Everywhere you look online today, the topic is snow. I was reading somewhere that Wordless Wednesday‘s photos are almost all of snow! Some people experienced their first snow in their lifetime between yesterday and today! We had our share of snow and ice too, but not as much as some areas. The main problem for us was ice and the fact that yesterday was the scheduled day for my daughter to return to college. Luckily, the ice problem wasn’t as bad and we didn’t lose electricity which is always the main concern everytime it ices around here.

Schools in our area closed yesterday and today, and actually my college girl’s classes were also posponed to start tomorrow so she didn’t have any classes today yet either. But we still managed to get her there yesterday. The roads were actually not that bad, they were wet and a bit icy but certainly still driveable. We made it there and back without incident.

Today, the sun came out! It’s still freezing cold though, but at least the sun helps to melt some of the ice on the roads. I have a feeling the kids will be going back to school tomorrow. I came in to the office today and the drive was actually not that bad, just cold!

bike in snow

After Christmas Snow

One reason I loved Christmas when the kids were younger was how well behaved they would be leading up to it! When they are being bad, lazy or getting ready to have another melt down, I start singing “You better watch out, you better not pout, you better not cry I’m telling you why…” Amazing how effective that song was! I miss it.

Now I have jaded teens who send me links to their wish list via email or text. No more hand written letters to Santa and definitely no more leverage to blackmail them into behaving. The song just doesn’t cut it anymore. They just laugh at me now when I start singing.

But that’s alright, I don’t really need to sing the song. I didn’t really need to sing it a lot to make them behave when they were younger either. I just liked singing it. lol! Seriously, they’re good girls and we’re very proud of them.

We had a quiet Christmas observance this year, just the five of us and we were blessed with the very first ever white Christmas! It’s been nice hunkering down and enjoying the snow outside. I hope you had a great celebration with your family.

A few more photos of the snow are posted In Our Backyard.

Snow Day Monday Was Too Much to Wish For

It really would have been too good to be true to have a snow day Monday. My daughters would have taken a two hour delay as it was bone chilling cold yesterday and this morning when we left the house. But, as luck would have it, the roads were clear and the sun is out again in the Carolinas. It’s still freezing though!

Here are a couple photos taken during last Saturday’s snow fall. It was our first snow fall of the year and the earliest that most of us can remember

snowy trees

snowy backyard

Snow Day in the Carolinas

A winter storm came through the Carolinas which started on Friday night. Snow fell through Saturday and now we are buried in snow! How exciting is that, eh? Well, when I say buried, take that with a lot of grains of salt especially if you live where snow is a regular occurrence. Don’t forget that we live in the South where any snow is a big event. So when we get almost a foot of snow, we consider that being ‘buried’.

We’ve been eagerly anticipating this snow since Wednesday when they started spraying the streets with the nasty anti-ice concoction. I was still at work around six o’clock on Friday evening when the snow started falling. When I saw the snow fall through my office window, you’d think a parade was going by! I was almost jumping up and down with glee and so was my office mate who eagerly came to the window with me. I hurriedly wrapped things up at work and headed home. As I was driving, the snow kept falling at a brisk pace. It was so pretty I had to take a video. I just love the look of snow coming at me and swirling around the car. It was beautiful! And I just found the coincidence so amusing that while I was enjoying the snow fall, the song ‘It never rains in California’ started playing on the radio! I just had to take a video. lol!
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